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There’s an ‘eye’ in the ‘Skeye; The Power of Drone Video

A bird’s eye view has a unique and special power. From above, we feel like we truly get the picture. Skeye High Photography, working from the Newcastle, Port Stephens and Hunter Valley regions, creates stunning Drone Videos and Photography in association with “Ground Control” Sydney, a fully CASA approved operator. Drone video is used in many fields, from showcasing property for tourism to building and mining safety inspections. Precise flight-paths and crystal clear UHD footage. Skeye High will do the lot.

Drones Video In Tourism, Hospitality & Public Facilities

Give your business the edge over your competitors. Show your clientele exactly what you are offering them. Let them experience it in an immersive and professional media with drone footage and watch your sales grow. This is a new media opportunity that will distinguish you from your local competitors in Newcastle, Port Stephens and the Hunter region.

Do you want your audience to know how close you are to the beach, how many holes your golf course has and how well kept it is, how much open space your school or college has, how beautiful your building’s heritage stonework is, how your restaurant is perched on that wonderful cliff? Show Them a Drone Video! (Aerial footage without the danger, noise and cost of a helicopter hanging over your head. )

Drones In Industry

Reduce risk for your workers, save time and money on safety harnesses and risk assessments because with Skeye High Photography you can inspect it by proxy with a drone. We can show you live streaming HD drone footage of anything within 2km of our operation point. You can even instruct us where to go and what you want to see in real time.

Use thermal cameras to search for friction points and imminent bearing collapse. Use sonar cameras to create 3D models and estimate excavation or fill volumes. Ensure the protection of endangered animal habitats, agri-business applications etc., by inspecting, paddocks, remote cliffs, and trees in absolute safety.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or “drones” can increase your efficiency and safety simultaneously. What else can do that? Usually the safer your workers are, the more time and money you have to spend keeping them safe and the less money is made. Skeye High Photography is the solution. Using drone video to help Newcastle and Hunter Valley industrial plants stay safe and efficient.



Aerial video is achieved by mounting cameras under our drones on stabilisation gimbals. The aircraft has to pitch and roll to maintain it’s position and path – especially in high winds and turbulence. The gimbal uses gyro sensors to keep the camera rock steady so that your video footage is silky smooth. With quality equipment, drone footage looks like having a tripod in the sky or a camera dolly.

We currently have 4 different aircraft with different cameras mounted to them. Three of them shoot in Ultra High Definition (4k). That’s like having 4 HD TVs together. This produces crystal clear footage suitable for any application either online or broadcast.

In most cases we shoot aerial video with two operators. One flies the aircraft, maintaining the flight path and altitude required and making sure that safe distances are maintained from structures and people. The other operator can then forget about everything except the subject. He operates the various camera functions pointing it where he wants, changing camera settings remotely, starting and stopping recording and/or shooting still images.



Aerial photos used to cost an arm and a leg. In the past, we have taken many aerial photos from Helicopters/fixed wing aircraft. This is a lot of fun but it’s just so expensive, especially if the subject is a good distance from the aircraft’s┬áhome port and there are safety risks too.

Now you can get high quality aerial photos for a fraction of the price. Our cameras take Hi resolution images from above your property at any height. You can even stand beside us, watching the monitor and tell us which angle you prefer and whether the shots includes everything you want included.

The costs starts from just $550 so don’t hesitate to add this high impact medium to your marketing strategy for your business or even just get some great shots of your home and land for keepsakes.



Skeye High Photography specialises in aerial imaging because it’s so much fun, but we also cater for all your imaging needs. We often add ground-based video and stills to an aerial production to add more detail and context for your customers once their interest has been piqued.

We also carry out all manner of commercial photography, food, wine and product shots, building and internal photography, school photography and much more. We have a full range of studio audio and lighting equipment for any production.

Recent Projects

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