About Us


Chris Woolley

Chris is our still’s photographer and UAV drone pilot.

Chris became a photographer immediately after leaving school in the UK. He joined the Royal Air Force as a photographer and completed a 12 month apprenticeship before being posted to his first operational squadron.

Chris further studied photography at Lincoln Technical College doing City and Guilds photography and also at Hull University.

Chris had operational roles as an aerial photographer and a ground photographer.

Chris later transferred to RAF Aircrew and has amassed over 5,000 rotary and 3,000 hours fixed wing. Photography has included everything from very large format survey equipment, sideways looking radar, thermal and false colour photography as well as medium and 35mm format.

Chris trained as and was accredited as a Public Relations Officer in the RAF and has worked on and around aircraft and with cameras all his working life.

More recently Chris became interested in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) or Remotely Piloted Aircraft or RPA’s as they are also known whilst most people just call them “Drones”. Skeye High use hexacopters as their preferred platform, also using smaller quadcopters for close-in work.

The DJI S900 is our preferred platform. Our S900 is fitted with a parachute system to further increase ground safety and carries a Panasonic Lumix GH4 4k DSLR camera.

Chris uses mainly Nikon and Panasonic Lumix optical equipment.


Brent Leggett

Brent is our camera pilot and production supervisor.

Brent has worked in business marketing, photography and online video for many years. Brent is a sought-after food photographer in the Hunter Valley and has been published hundreds of times with his work on high-class restaurant menus, wines and cellar doors.

Brent’s work in web development produced our proprietary web application for showcasing aerial footage in context which has been used in many NSW commercial web presentations.

Brent’s past roles have included video directing, production, editing, compositing, compression and distribution for commercial projects. He has instructed Digital Image Editing courses, Introductions to DSLRs and Non-linear Video Editing Techniques.

Brent’s interest in aerial photography began with paragliding where the wonder of seeing things from above can truly be appreciated in natural silence and freedom. Since then, his interest has expanded to the convenience of UAVs (drones) for all types of aerial footage and mapping. There’s no-where you can’t be when you’re looking through the eyes of a drone camera. You can be there quickly, easily and safely. You can hover and pan with amazing stability.

Most of our aircraft are operated by two people. One pilots the aircraft, while the other pilots the camera which moves on every access independently. Brent’s primary role is to define the composition and flow, call the pilot’s route changes and then capture the desired takes.